National Novel Writing Month

Posted on December 4, 2012

As part of National Novel Writing Month, I had the privilege of speaking to a group of talented, young aspiring authors this evening at Barnes & Noble in Warwick, R.I. I’m so proud of you guys! Remember to always follow your dreams. And as long as you give it your all and don’t give up, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. So keep on writing!


The Romance Reviews Year-End Splash Party

Posted on November 29, 2012

I’d like to thank The Romance Reviews for running a Q&A for my debut novel, SAND DOLLAR: A Story of Undying Love, at their Year-End Splash Party, where they’re giving away hundreds of prizes.

Sebastian Cole’s Website Hits

Posted on November 27, 2012

Here’s the list of hits to my website since I created it earlier this year. It’s exciting to see people from so many different countries checking it out! Now if only I could translate this post into all of those different languages…

Country Views Country Views Country Views Country Views
United States 7,359 Malaysia 9 Sweden 3 Republic of Korea 1
Canada 117 Ireland 9 Nigeria 3 Moldova 1
United Kingdom 111 Myanmar 8 Thailand 3 Pakistan 1
India 31 United Arab Emirates 5 Kenya 3 Slovenia 1
Philippines 28 Indonesia 5 Norway 3 Austria 1
Australia 28 Switzerland 4 Nepal 2 Cyprus 1
Brazil 26 Israel 4 Venezuela 2 Finland 1
Italy 20 Spain 4 Bulgaria 2 Qatar 1
Germany 20 Japan 4 Denmark 2 Egypt 1
Romania 14 Serbia 4 Lebanon 2 Georgia 1
Netherlands 12 Trinidad and Tobago 4 Iraq 2 Portugal 1
Singapore 12 Azerbaijan 4 Isle of Man 2 Hong Kong 1
South Africa 11 Russian Federation 3 Poland 2 China 1

P.S. To the 13 countries who have only one hit for their entire country (and you know who you are): Hey, I’m over here!!

I think that should get their attention!


Cole shares ‘incredible love story’ at Hall Library

Posted on November 18, 2012

An article in the Cranston Herald:

“With one book finished and ideas for dozens more bouncing around his head, Cranston resident Sebastian Cole has found his passion. He calls his debut novel, ‘Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love’, an ‘incredible love story.’

‘Sand Dollar’ follows Noah, a wealthy, self-absorbed Rhode Islander whose life takes on new meaning after meeting the love of his life, Robin. When Robin leaves Noah, his world is torn apart, his life now overshadowed by ‘the one that got away’ – a feeling that Cole believes many readers have experienced firsthand.

‘I think I really honed in on a topic that everyone can relate to. There’s a special place in your heart for somebody who’s no longer with you,’ he said.

The story ultimately comes into focus when two timelines collide: one that follows Robin and Noah’s love, and another that follows the aging Noah as he reflects on his life of love and loss.

‘Eventually, the two timelines intersect and there’s a huge plot twist that nobody expects,’ Cole said. ‘The ending is exactly how you would want a love story to end.’

Cole will discuss ‘Sand Dollar’ and be available to sign copies at the William Hall Library on Thursday, Nov. 29 at 7 p.m.

At his first book signing at the Big E, Cole brought only 160 books, unsure of how well he would fare as a first-time author with no name recognition. He sold out before the first day was over, and with positive reviews coming in, he felt validated.

‘That was the first time I knew I could sell my book,’ he said.

Some of his early readers have compared Cole to best-selling author Nicholas Sparks, which he says has been a humbling experience.

An economics graduate of Brown University, the 48-year-old Cole has tried his hand at several careers. He worked in corporate America for quite some time, but wasn’t happy. Real estate stuck for a while, until the housing market crashed. He tried acting, but came up empty.

When the idea for ‘Sand Dollar’ hit him, Cole was ready for a new challenge.

‘The way this started was I came up with the idea for a screenplay and I wrote a treatment for it. I kind of backed into this,’ he said.

Cole has always enjoyed writing, but it was the story that inspired him to take it to the next level.

‘I knew the story was amazing, but having never written a book before, I don’t have any benchmarks to go by. I didn’t know if I could just write a book and have the voice be good and have the style be good,’ he said.

He figured it was time to find out.

Cole wrote daily, from morning straight through dinnertime, and had the first draft finished in just five months. It took another year and a half of ‘endless’ rewrites to edit the novel, at which time Cole’s editor assured him it was ready to publish. Now, he’s on the road, promoting the book that he self-published in May, buoyed by the news of being named a finalist in the ForeWord First literary competition.

‘I honestly feel that people anywhere could benefit from reading my book. I want people to read my story,’ he said.

Rhode Islanders will recognize many of the landmarks featured in the story, from Del’s to Jamestown and the East Providence lighthouse. Like Cole, the character of Noah is a sailor, and the author’s love for Narragansett Bay is felt throughout the story.

While the novel is fiction, Cole says the experiences of his characters ring true to life.

‘It’s not a fairytale romance where everything is perfect between the hero and the heroine. In real life, the people we love the most are the ones who can hurt us the most. Things don’t go according to plan in real life,’ he said.

‘Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love’ is available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble online for $9.99, and is available for 99 cents as an eBook. It will soon be available in Cranston libraries, and will be for sale on the evening of Nov. 29. Cole will have another signing at Symposium Books in East Greenwich on Thursday, Dec. 6 at 6 p.m. For more information, visit SebastianColeAuthor.com.” — Cranston Herald

Sand Dollar Fan on Facebook

Posted on November 8, 2012

Not only did Dawn post on her Facebook page that Sand Dollar was “the greatest love story I ever read”, but she also changed her background image to the cover of the book! Looking good, Dawn! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. 🙂

Sand Dollar Q & A

Posted on November 3, 2012

Question: As Noah’s bride starts walking down the aisle, his long lost love, Robin, bursts through the door, interrupting the wedding ceremony. After all these years, what has Robin suddenly remembered?

a. Who the father of her child is
b. Where the treasure is buried
c. What the secret recipe is for those yummy sand dollar cookies
d. That she loves him

Hint: The answer lies in the prologue

Thanks For The Great Reviews Of Sand Dollar!

Posted on October 31, 2012

I’d like to thank everyone for their reviews of Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love. Many of you have expressed how much you loved the book, with some people even stating that it’s one of the best love stories they’ve ever read! Being a first-time author, that means a lot to me. Regardless of whether or not Sand Dollar ever makes it big, knowing that I have positively affected the lives of others makes me feel really proud. So once again, thanks.

Sebastian Cole


Here’s what people are saying:

“This was probably the greatest love story I have ever read. Want to share this book with friends but not willing to part with my copy. This will be a book I keep and read over and over again.” — Adrienne

“When I was told that this was the next great love story I was cynical, but it is totally true.  Noah and Robin’s story is the greatest love story I have ever read. This is a story that will touch you to the depth of your heart.” — A Novel Review

“It was one of the greatest love stories ever told! I hope to see it in the movies because I will definitely go see it!” — Riau

“One of my all time favorites! I absolutely loved every part of it. He reminds me of Nicholas Sparks with his ability to play on your heart strings throughout the entire book. IT IS A MUST READ!!” — Kelani K

“The story of Noah and Robin had me from the prologue. Sand Dollar is now one of my all-time favorite books. I will read and reread it many more times over the years.” Elizabeth Ruggiero-Miele

“The best love story I have ever read. Could not put it down, especially at the end when it all came together for me.” — Diane Price

“This was one of the best love stories I have read this year. The writer did a amazing job on this book. I don’t cry very often when reading a book but this one I cryed like a baby.” — Sherrie

“The best Romance Fantasy ever that I read.” — Booktasticlovers

“I really enjoyed reading Sand Dollar. I think this is the second best Romance Fantasy I ever read.” — Ivy Zheng

“My Summer Read ~~ Pick #1. I loved this book- This one pulls at your heart strings and if it does not pull at yours~ you should have been searching for a new heart instead of a new book to read. Sand Dollar is my second favorite read for 2012.” — Reesa

“I’m trying to remember if there ever was a book like Sand Dollar that I read and as soon as I was done with it [I’m talking mere seconds after] that I just wanted to shout to the world and beg people to get it ASAP.” — bookworm2bookworm

“This was the best book I have read in a long time. Never have I seen a man love a woman so much.” – Jean Bracco

“There are very few books which will touch the very depths of your soul. This is truly one of those books. This is one of those stories I’m going to cherish forever.” — Kim “Read Your Writes Book Reviews”

“It touched my heart like no other book has ever done. The undying love of Noah is a love that everyone searches for and few ever find.” — Audrey

Sand Dollar – a very special novel. This is one of those books I will read and reread through the years. I highly, highly recommend Sand Dollar, this a novel not to be missed.” — Donna Marie Taylor

“I think I have a new favorite book. I absolutely loved this book. Thank you, Mr. Cole, for an incredible novel that moved me to tears in a very personal way. I will most definitely read this novel again, as I often do with my favorites, and recommend it to my friends.” — Donna

“The story that Noah told was really tugging at my warm heart feeling and it never stopped even after I turned the last page of the book. I will carry this story in my heart for a very long time to come.” — Terri

“This book is absolutely amazing. The best love story I think I have read in a long time. You will cry like a baby, I know that I did. This is truly a love story you will remember for years to come.” — Deb B

“This is a fabulous read for men and women alike. One of the best books I have read in a long time!” — Lisa

“The plot was very interesting and I was personally touched by the story. This was truly one of the best books I have read and I do read a lot.”  — Elaine

“FAN – FREAKING – TASTIC! Loved every second of reading it. Everyone should read this book.” — Jeny Robertson

“I absolutely loved this book. It was a beautifully written love story with a twist. Definintely a must read!” — Tara Brittain

“I started reading this book and I could not put it down. I can’t wait for Mr. Cole to write another novel! Loved this book!!!!!” — Karen Thaxton

“I loved this book! What a wonderful, romantic, heart warming story of undying love!” — Mandi Rusthton

“I’ll cherish my copy and recommend it to my friends.” — Jenea

“Upon finishing the book last night, my husband asked me what I thought of it. The best response I could come up with was, “It was like a plate of spaghetti and meatballs on a crisp fall day.” (And this is coming from an Italian girl!) — Pamela

“Really Great read, great love story!! I could not put the book down! I have definitely recomended to all my friends and book club to read.” — Valerie

“Marvellous book, it brought a smile to my face, and I would certainly love to see Sand Dollar become a movie as the author wishes, I have a feeling it would do very well :)” — Epic Book Quest

“The story is very touching. The writing amazing. I will be thinking of these characters for a long, long time. Would make a great movie!!” — Doris

“The ending was magnificent! I could not put the book down… I can only envision Mr.Cole’s book turning into a movie.” — Angie

“It was definitely my kind of book. Very Nicholas Sparks.” — Kiersten

“Excellent modern romance! It definitely was similar to Nicholas Sparks or Richard Paul Evans. Not only was it a great love story, but it was also suspenseful.”
— Amy Z Drew


Click here for comparisons to Nicholas Sparks

Sand Dollar Book Giveaway Winners at Goodreads

Congratulations to all the winners of the October 31st Sand Dollar book giveaway at Goodreads.

Kerly Sue Tweeten
Taylor Barlow
Deborah Blanchard
Ashley Factor
Teresa Ann Ward

Thanks to the 947 people who entered the contest. This was my last Sand Dollar book giveaway. Over the past 5 months, I’ve had the pleasure of giving away nearly 140 books in different contests. If you weren’t one of the lucky winners, I’d recommend buying a copy. The paperback with the beautiful cover is only $9.99, and the eBook is only 99 cents. The reviews have been great, with just about everybody raving about the surprise ending. I couldn’t have asked for more.


Thanks For Coming To Sebastian Cole’s Book Signing

Posted on October 27, 2012

Thanks to everyone who stopped in to see me yesterday at Only In Rhode Island, a gift shop in Newport, RI. I sold a case of books, and was delighted at the turnout. I hope everyone who arrived on The Caribbean Princess makes it home safely, and I hope all of you enjoy reading Sand Dollar.


Jeanne Miro’s Comments on Sand Dollar

Posted on October 24, 2012

“Most of all, books like both The Notebook and Sand Dollar help everyone to realize that time is passing and that we should always tell those we love how much joy they’ve brought us and that the difficult times made us stronger and the people we are today.” – Jeanne Miro

Sebastian Cole A Huge Success At The Big E

Posted on October 1, 2012

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see me this past weekend in the Rhode Island building at The Big E fair in West Springfield, MA. Special thanks to Jayne Panarello for inviting me to participate in the event. Before the end of the first day, I sold out of the 160 SAND DOLLAR books that I had brought, leaving me with none to sell on the second day. At the rate I was selling them, 20 books per hour, I could have sold 400 books, had I brought enough. Who knew?! For those people who ordered books from me, I’ll make sure to get them out as soon as I get more in stock. And if you enjoy reading SAND DOLLAR: A Story of Undying Love, please spread the word or write a review online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Thanks again to everyone who made my first book signing event a huge success! I look forward to seeing you all again next year at The Big E!


Growing List of People Quoting Sebastian Cole

Posted on September 19, 2012

I find it really flattering that more and more people are quoting me on their website pages. The funny part is that many of them have probably never heard of me or my book. They’re simply sharing what they’ve come across online that has a profound meaning to them. When I wrote the book, I had no idea that this would happen! Here’s what I’ve stumbled upon so far:

The Lesson Learned

Living Your Dream – Now! (This one is the most touching. My heart goes out to you.)
A tribute to Linas “Len” Radys (Unusual place for a quote, but with plenty of sentiment)
New Castle News (Such a touching story)
Rochman on Facebook (Beautiful song, too)
Dominus Quotes
Kamali Studios
Experience Project
Sharon Gaughan at Twitter
Suddenly… on wattpad
Diana Garnand on Google Plus
chatterboxbrit at tumblr
hey-its-a-new-day at tumblr
ynnahcorn at tumblr
Literature is My Utopia (299 Likes, 53 Shares)
Amy’s Army (A tribute to Amy Winehouse)
Lessons From on Facebook
OMG Samoan Love Stories on Facebook (From Samoa)
Kasozi Henry on Facebook (From Uganda!)
Quotes & Notes on Facebook
EuniAce28 on Facebook

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If you know of any others, I’d love to hear about them so I can add them to this list.
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“If you like Nicholas Sparks, here’s a book for you!”

Posted on September 19, 2012

Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook, Love Story, Love, Romance, Fantasy, Fiction, Tear jerker, Heart wrenching

I am truly grateful for all of the wonderful reviews that SAND DOLLAR: A Story of Undying Love has received thus far; and I am humbled by the comparisons that have been made to an incredible author whom I greatly admire, Nicholas Sparks.

Here’s what people are saying:

“This smashing debut by Sebastian Cole reads like the best of Nicholas Sparks with just enough schmaltz. Moving and emotive, it’s every bit THE NOTEBOOK.” — Jon Land, best selling author of STRONG AT THE BREAK

“In the vein of THE NOTEBOOK and numerous other classics, SAND DOLLAR proves once again that true love never dies.”
 — Marsha Oglesby, Hollywood producer

“If you LOVED The Notebook, you will, with no doubt, LOVE Sand Dollar!” — Sara at Amazon

“I enjoyed this book very much, and would recommend it to any Nicholas Sparks’ fans out there, like myself. If you are debating whether to read this book, DO IT.” — Kiersten at Amazon

“Sebastian Cole did an AMAZING job with this book. It is a great love story with real life characters and real life problems. He reminds me of Nicholas Sparks with his ability to play on your heart strings throughout the entire book.” — Kelani at Amazon

“Like THE NOTEBOOK. Really Great read, great love story!! I could not put the book down! I have definitely recomended to all my friends and book club to read.”
— Valerie at Amazon

“Excellent modern romance! It definitely was similar to Nicholas Sparks or Richard Paul Evans. Not only was it a great love story, but it was also suspenseful.”
Amy Z Drew at Amazon

“Mr. Cole’s work is exceptional, well written and beautiful, to compare him to Nicholas Sparks is accurate, but I feel that Mr. Cole is and will continue to blaze his own path and leave his own mark as a writer.” — Michelle C. Jordan at Amazon

“Recommend this book for any Nicholas Sparks fan! Great love story! Get tissues!” — Mary Levie at Amazon

“I have read every Nicholas Sparks book and I can tell you, this is right up there with them! I look forward to reading his future books!” — Lori at Amazon

“Being an avid Nicholas Sparks fan, I’m very particular about my romance novels, but Sebastian Cole did not disappoint!!” — iclimbedatreetoseetheworld at Amazon

“Sebastian Cole says on his website that his story is a cross between THE NOTEBOOK and THE SIXTH SENSE, and that is a perfect description. If you are going into this story thinking it will be another cookie cutter story of undying love, you will not get that with this one. Cole twists and turns this plot (which is why I couldn’t put it down) to where you can’t assume anything about the ending. You HAVE to read it.” — Kate Patrick

“I highly recommend this to all avid readers of Modern Romance. If you like Nicholas Sparks, here’s a book for you!” — Book Addict

“This tale is not just for all you Nicholas Spark’s fans, but for all of us that at one time or another have let that ‘one, true and pure’ love get away.”

“SAND DOLLAR is a love story reminiscent of THE NOTEBOOK, as the author confesses, but still remains uniquely its own story.” — Epic Book Quest

“Overall this is a great Romance. Any fan of Nicholas Sparks will absolutely adore Sebastian Cole.” — The Blogging Book

“It is a heartbreaking love story that will stay with you even after you put it down. If you are a fan of The Notebook, then this is the book for you.”
Shut Up & Read

“In the tradition of Nicholas Sparks, whom Cole cites as his favorite author, SAND DOLLAR is a sentimental love story about finding and losing one’s soul mate. Cole metes out important information at a good pace, keeping the reader as baffled as Noah by Robin’s strange changes of heart, and carefully manipulates details to lead to a real surprise ending.” — Feathered Quill Book Reviews

“Most of all, books like both THE NOTEBOOK and SAND DOLLAR help everyone to realize that time is passing and that we should always tell those we love how much joy they’ve brought us and that the difficult times made us stronger and the people we are today.” – Jeanne Miro

“When I was told that this was the next great love story I was cynical, but it is totally true.  Noah and Robin’s story is the greatest love story I have ever read. This is a story that will touch you to the depth of your heart.” — A Novel Review

“It was one of the greatest love stories ever told! I hope to see it in the movies because I will definitely go see it!” — Riau

“A beautiful love story reminiscent of Mr. Sparks’ THE NOTEBOOK, SAND DOLLAR plays upon the notion of the road not taken. Readers will be enchanted by the deep abiding love between two characters that seem peppered with insurmountable odds.” — Coffee Time Romance

Fan Who Loved Sand Dollar Did What?

Posted on September 13, 2012

Kim loved Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love so much that she had it made into earrings!

Check it out.

Thanks, Kim, for sharing this picture with me. You made my day!



Website Hits for June 12, 2012

Posted on June 12, 2012

It’s so cool to see hits on my website today from Romania, Slovenia, Malaysia, and Australia!

Thanks for stopping by!

— Sebastian

Business Card, Bookmark, and Stamp

Posted on March 29, 2012

I recently designed and ordered my first business cards, bookmarks, and stamps for Sand Dollar.

I’m not quite sure yet what to do with all of this stuff, but at least I’ll be prepared. Thanks for all of your great suggestions, Daniel Ottalini.

Click here to check them out!