Kelani’s Review of Sand Dollar at Amazon

Posted on August 5, 2012

One of my all time favorites!


“I won this book for free on the goodreads giveaways! Not only did Sebastian Cole autograph my book but he sent me 2 cards (with the cover of his book as the picture). One card was a personalized note to me which made me feel special. The other card was blank for me to do as I pleased. He also had a stamp with the same beautiful picture on an envelope for me. Also, in the package was a beautiful bookmark with the same beautiful stationary. I was pleasantly surprised!!

The book exceeded my expectations. I absolutely loved every part of it. I could relate to Noah so well it was scary. The book was about a man named Noah who does all he can to find a partner in life when one day he finds Robin unexpectedly. They quickly fall in love and marry. Shortly after they marry things fall apart. Noah has trouble getting over Robin because he believes they are soul mates. Add Robin’s hidden secret to the mix and it makes for an interesting story! (I will not go on because I do not want to ruin this story for you.) IT IS A MUST READ!!

Sebastian Cole did an AMAZING job with this book. It is a great love story with real life characters and real life problems. He reminds me of Nicholas Sparks with his ability to play on your heart strings throughout the entire book. At the end of the book in the, “A note from Sebastian Cole,” there is a part that touches my heart intensely. Cole writes, “Perhaps you know someone whose heart clutches onto the bittersweet memory of the one who got away. Someone who secretly bears the weight of this imperceptible burden wherever he or she goes, everyday of his or her life. Someone who’d gladly travel back in a time machine to a day when paths diverged, to mend together that which has been torn apart, setting destiny back on its rightful track- if only he or she could.”
That, in turn says it all. Read this book!” — Kelani K

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