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Melanie Layton’s Review of Sand Dollar at Amazon

Posted on October 30, 2012


A beautiful story

*I received this book for free through GoodReads First Reads!*

“This is the story of Noah Hartman and his quest to find his soulmate. The story is told by 80 year old Noah as a reflection of his life, starting back in his late 30s. Noah h it all–a gorgeous home, a job with a huge salary, good looks and a fit body, and a fabulous car. He has already had failed marriage, but is ready to find true love now. His parents are very controlling, and have very specific ideas about what kind of girl is right for their son. Noah is less concerned about their criteria, and has created an elaborate system for ranking the women he is interested in from the online dating website he joined. After months of unsuccessful dating, Noah decides to go back to the old-fashioned way of meeting women–he heads to dance clubs.

It is at a dance club that Noah finally has the moment he has been waiting for–time slows down as he sets eyes on a beautiful red-head dancing. He makes his way over to her, and when their eyes met their souls connect. She is the one he has been looking for, and she feels the same connection with him. This woman, Robin, hides some dark secrets that will affect their future in ways Noah can never prepare himself for.

This was a very beautiful, romantic, heartbreaking and inspiring story. It was a unique perspective and very engrossing to read. Noah’s story shows that fighting for love, and protecting love when you find it, should be more important than anything else.” — Melanie Layton