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Nancy Narna’s Review of SAND DOLLAR at Amazon

Posted on January 12, 2013

★★★★★  Romance, Remembrances and Revelations

“Sebastian Cole certainly has poured his heart and soul into this, his first title. We are introduced to hard-working but lonely, Noah Hartman, who has everything he could ever desire and then some–with the exception of a soulmate. He’s sure she’s out there somewhere and, in desperation, even resorts to online dating sites to find the girl of his dreams. After he suffers several disappointments, and has all but given up his quest, he accepts his brother’s invitation for a guy’s night out. Little did Noah know that this night would change his life forever, for up on the crowded dance floor was a flame-haired, spirited beauty named Robin. He knew at first glance that she was “The One” and as soon as she danced with him, she felt the connection as well.

She took his breath away and captured his heart and gave each other “Butterflies”. Robin shows how alive and wonderful life can be, much to the dismay of his parents who were hoping he would get his mind back on the business at Hartman Industries, forget this Robin foolishness and meet and settle down with a nice Jewish girl. However, this wasn’t to be, as Noah and Robin marry and settle in Noah’s house with Robin’s Daughter, Brittany, of whom Noah has become very fond. All seems dream-like and grand, until, without any rhyme, reason, or warning, Robin leaves him. Melancholy and heartsick, Noah tries to understand why she has left him. What has he done wrong? Many twists, turns, an unfortunate choice of action and ultimately a diagnosis keep them apart physically, but not within Noah’s heart. Will they be apart forever? Will Robin remember she loves him? What part does the Sand Dollar play in all of their drama? You’ll be agitated, in need of tissues, warmed by the presence and love of Josh, irritated, and ready to shake some sense into both Noah and Robin, as well as feel disgust at the cold, detached demeanor of Noah’s Parents. Author Cole has created characters that stir your mind and pluck your heartstrings, as you feel you have known them forever. Bravo to Mr. Cole on such an outstanding first work. I’m hoping we’ll hear a lot more in the near future. If someone doesn’t grab this tale to be made into a movie, they’re foolish–and, if you don’t add this to your TBR list, well…all I can say is you’ve really missed the boat!” — Nancy Narna