Free and Bargain eBook Promotional Websites

Alexa ranks all websites on the Internet, both internationally and in the U.S. (with #1 being the best). To see a website’s current ranking, go to Alexa.comtype the name of the website into the search box located at the top of the page, and hit the green search button. The websites with the lowest rankings (the ones at the top of this list) have a much greater audience than those with higher rankings. For instance, is ranked at #5,990,526, while Google is ranked at #1. Go figure…

Website U.S. rank Website U.S. rank Website U.S. rank
eReader News Today 5k 11 Awesome Gang 33k 21 Pretty-Hot 90k
BookBub 5k 12 Bargain eBook Hunter 38k 22 Orangeberry Book Tours 97k
Pixel of Ink 7k 13 Free & Discounted Books 53k 23 Frugal-Frebies 109k
Kindle Nation Daily 8K 14 eBooks Habit 56k 24 It’s Write Now 110k
Freebooksy 13k 15 Snicks List 58k 25 The Cheap eBook 126k
Kindle Books and Tips 17k 16 Book Goodies 59k 26 Kindle Book Promos 128k
World Lit Café 20k 17 Digital Book Today 71k 27 Books on the Knob 134k
Author Marketing Club 22k 18 Addicted to eBooks 76k 28 The Kindle Book Review 153k
Indie Book of the Day n/a 19 BookGorilla 83K 29 Free eBooks Daily 161k
The eReader Café 25k 20 Free Book Dude 83k 30 The Frugal eReader 165k

For a more comprehensive list, click here.

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