Dreaming to Soar Like Eagles

Posted on June 26, 2013

Published one month ago, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers is a collection of 101 unique stories from 101 different authors; and it’s not until you near the end — page 367, the 97th story — do you come across mine, “Lessons Learned in Writing My First Novel.” 

Chicken Soup for the SoulWhen I wrote the article, I had no idea that people would email me after reading it, let alone four emails from four different people just this past week! Today I received a very nice email from someone in Saudi Arabia, who was inspired by my words. I hope Hamza doesn’t mind me sharing some of his words, which I was delighted to read this morning upon waking up: “The story teaches us an invaluable lesson in lessons: Whatever we dream, we have to always focus on it. If we dreamed to soar very high with eagles, we don’t have to waste our time swimming with ducks in the pool. I will encourage my little daughter to become a great writer like you. Who knows? She might someday tell the whole world her own life experience in just the same way.” Accompanying the email was a picture of a proud father holding a beautiful little girl. I have a feeling that Hamza’s little girl is someday going to make a positive impact on the lives of many others, thanks, in part, to a kind, encouraging father.

I’d like to thank everyone who has opened up and shared their stories with me through the magic of email. It is extremely gratifying, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Sebastian Cole 🙂

P.S. I’d like to add, however, that swimming with the ducks from time to time never stopped an eagle from soaring to new heights.

4 responses

  1. Maryellen

    What a lovely story to share. Then again, that’s what you do! Well done! And, thank you for letting us soar with you!

    June 27, 2013 at 5:06 am

  2. rita gallagher

    You gave one of the greatest gifts of all , hope Good job

    June 26, 2013 at 9:27 pm

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