This story will keep you guessing…

Posted on December 29, 2012


“SAND DOLLAR is a wonderfully written story that managed to evoke a range of emotions as I read it. When reading I like to get emotionally connected through a story’s characters and events. By giving me the ability to make those connections, This book provided the escape I anticipate and expect from a really good book.

Sebastian Cole does a remarkably skillful job of developing the main characters of Noah and Robin. They are multidimensional, which I deem an essential component to any great story. The characters in general, are believable as the author reveals idiosyncrasies and flaws that are reasonable and realistic. I also think he captures the essence of what most readers would characterize as the idealized male-female “love” relationship. Something every great romance novel must have.

The messages that are intertwined throughout the book are both meaningful and important. Living a “true” life, feeling life as we experience it, facing and overcoming hardships (both in and out of our control…as well as others) are all personal issues readers know about intimately and deal with and contemplate continually, and this allows the reader to really connect to this work. I liked the writing technique the author incorporated which floats the story in and out of the past. Some authors have difficulty using it without disrupting the story’s flow. Mr. Cole’s writing style made those parts easy to follow. By using that approach in his writing, he added interest and forced me to consciously make connections and think ahead as I read. I also found the story itself to be fluid with a healthy dose of believable twists and just the right amount of fantasy to keep me engaged.

Although this book is labeled as a “romantic fantasy,” I am sure many readers will be able to make personal connections to the storyline. I’ll close by saying I originally looked into purchasing this book because I was made aware of a local connection and had no idea of the premise of the story. Now that I have read it I can say I was pleasantly surprised by the caliber of the writing and some of the “enlightening” information I gained by reading it. Pick up SAND DOLLAR. It’s a book that I had a hard time putting down. It is sure to hold your attention and keep you guessing as you read. Be sure to keep the Kleenex handy… and get ready for some big surprises.” — Lisa Ann

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